How to Convert AVCHD Camcorder Videos to DVD

| Sunday, January 31, 2010

For the high quality performance, AVCHD camcorders have established their authority in high definition camera market. However, this kind of camcorder record footages in the format of MTS and M2TS, which get no native supports from virtually all media players or video editors. If you have an AVCHD camcorder like Canon HF S11/HF 21, Panasonic AVCHD, or Sony HDR SR 12E AVCHD camcorders, I believe you must have suffered from tring to save MTS files extension.

In that case, it’s necessary for AVCHD camera owners to follow this guide to learn how to deal with these files, so as to enjoy them on local computer or portable devices, or do further editing.

This guide will concentrate on how to burn MTS/M2TS files shot by by AVCHD camcorder to DVD, so that you can reenjoy many of your happy experience or memories with your family or friends together infront of the TV.

Perhaps you might have tried some burning software but still haven't found a satisfied one to convert MTS/M2TS into DVD with high quality.

I would like to say DVD Creator for Mac is just the right MTS/M2TS Converter Software for all Mac users. It can also burn many other formats HD videos to DVD besides MTS/M2TS as you wish. Let’s check how DVD Creator Convert MTS/M2TS video to DVD on Mac for you.

Step 1, After launching and running the burning software,load the MTS/M2TS videos into the program.

Step 2, Burn the loaded AVCHD videos to DVD by clicking the "Burn" button.

Of course, if you want to edit your video before burning them to DVD, you can just click the "Edit" button for further editing like trimming, cropping and many other edit choice. If you like, you can also create a meaningfull menu for your DVD with various animated and static menu templates.

More information can be learned from: how to use DVD Creator.

See How Do I Burn Purchased iTunes Video to DVD

| Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I recently bought two episodes of ‘Lost’ from iTunes. My whole family watches the show, but missed these episodes. My intent was to buy them (which I did), and have the family watch them on TV. However, there does not appear to be a good way to do that. iTunes lets you burn downloaded songs to CD, and allow you to play them on a CD player. But, I can’t find a way to burn this purchased iTunes video file to DVD, so my family can watch all at once.

I have asked many friends, but none of them know a good program that can convert iTunes video to DVD on Mac OS.I was so frustrated about that until one of my friends recommends me iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac.I downloaded the free trial as soon as my friends told me, and found it is just what I need. I purchased it from their website without any hesitation, now I can burn any purchased iTunes videos, movies, or even TV shows to DVD to share with my family on TV freely and easily.

I would like to share my experience on how to burn iTunes video to DVD with all people who are still helpless with burning purchased iTunes videos. Hope this simple iTunes video to DVD burning guide could be helpful for thoes who has the same experience with me.

We all know that iTunes videos(.m4v, .mp4, .m4p),movies,or TV shows have the DRM protected even though you have purchaesed them? So first we should remove the DRM protection from the purchased iTunes videos/movies/TV shows to unprotected videos. Here you can go to remove the iTunes DRM protect if you are just wondering how to get it done.

After having removed the drm protection, now it would be easy to burn iTunes videos/movies/TV shows to DVD playable on home DVD player and enjoy on the widescreen TV.

Follow me, you will get your purchased iTunes videos, movies, or TV shows burned in two steps with the help of Video to DVD Creator for Mac.

First, You need to run the DVD Creator for Mac and load the iTunes files (iTunes videos, movies, or TV shows) into the program .

Then, just insert a blank DVD disc and to burn iTunes videos/movies/TV shows to DVD by clicking the burn button on the interface of the program.

This video to DVD burning software supports burn video to DVD9 and DVD5, you can choose a proper DVD disc (D5 or D9) according the size of your iTunes videos or movies. So you can make full use of your DVD disc space.

One thing I should not forget to tell you is that with this video to DVD converting software, you can also edit your iTunes files like cropping, trimming,or changing the effect as you prefered. What’s more, it also allows you create a special and personalized DVD mune for your new DVD with various build-in animated and static menu templates.

More details please consult here: How to Burn iTunes Videos/Movies/TV Shows to DVD on Mac

How to Download Free Torrent Movie and Burn the Downloaded Free Movie to DVD on Mac


What is torrent?

Torrent is a small file with the suffix .torrent, which contains all the information needed to download a file the torrent was made for, such as file names, the sizes, where to download from and so on. You can get torrents for almost anything including movies and games (remember legality of downloading) on lots of web sites and torrent search engines.

If you are looking for free movies, videos or TV shows, torrent is the best way to get them, it’s totally free without any viruses. But do you know how to download torrent on Mac? Taking how to download torrent movies as an example:

How to download torrent movies?

The most powerful and simplest bittorrent software application to find, download, and play HD video content on the Web is Vuze. Let’s see how to download torrent movies for free with Vuze.

First, launch and run Vuze on your Mac.

Second, search the movies or videos you want with the powerful search capabilities of Vuze.

There will be a search list to show the search results as the following picture shows.

Third, download torrent movies on Mac.

As you can see all the search results at the list, you can download your loved torrent movies with a single click.

How to burn the downloaded torrent movies to DVD?

Now you have downloaded the torrent movie successfully, how could we share or watch them more easily and enjoyably? To burn or convert torrent movies to DVD, of course is one of your good choice. There are only three steps to burn a movie off Vuze to DVD before you can enjoy them on your DVD player more freely.

Step 1 find the downloaded torrent movies on your Mac.
Step 2 load the torrent movies into a DVD Burning Software directly.

Step 3 Burn torrent movies to DVD.

More details on how to download and burn a movie to DVD from Vuze >>

Free Download and Burn 1080p HD YouTube Video to DVD


It is known that the world’s most popular video-sharing site YouTube will allow users to upload and view video in full HD. But not all people are excited about this for it is too slow to watch online video at HD quality.The following step by stepl guide about how to download 1080p HD YouTube videos for free and burn them on to DVD allows you no need to wait for the long buffering time any longer but just enjoy them on your full screen TV on sofa timely.

How to download 1080p HD YouTube Videos on Mac for free?

Two free methods are available here:


(1)Launch iSkysoft free video downloader for Mac.

(2)Open the web page of the video you want to download, and when it starts to play, the program can automatically detect it and begin to download it. You can open multiple web pages to download several videos at a time.

With the help of Safari, you can also download your favorite videos on YouTube.

(1)Open in Safari on your Mac OS

(2)open activity window on Safari

(3)Renaming to YouTube FLV video
Now you have got the video file with Safari.

After downloading the favorite 1080p HD videos from YouTube,only need three steps,you can view 1080p YouTube videos on your TV. Let's see how to burn 1080p HD YouTube videos to DVD on Mac.

Step1 Launch YouTube Video to DVD Converter for Mac

Step2 Add the downloaded 1080p videos into the Video to DVD Converter.

Step3 Click the “Start” botton to burn YouTube 1080p videos to DVD.

Isn’t it easy? More details please refer to the article "Tips on Burning YouTube Videos to DVD"