How to Convert your iPod nano Videos to DVD on Mac(Snow Leopard included)?

| Friday, November 6, 2009

Part1 How to Backup your iPod nano Videos on Mac?

As we know that Apple has just released the new iPod nano with a video camera, allowing you to shoot video whenever and wherever as you like. However, how to copying the videos that shot by iPod nano to Mac are concerned by many iPod users.By following these instructions, you are able to copy videos from your iPod nano to your Mac.

What you need:
1).An iPod with your content intact.
2).A Mac in fully operational condition.

One thing to mention is that you must make sure to have clicked the “enable disk use” item in your iTunes devices to allow your iPod nano to be recognized on your Mac. Then you can easily find your iPod nano videos in the DCIM folder showed as the following picture does.

Now you can backup your iPod nano videos by dragging and dropping to the selected directory.

Part2 How to Edit and Burn iPod nano Videos to DVD on Mac(Snow Leopard included)

Now you have copied your iPod videos to your Mac, have you ever thought about any way to enjoy or share them besides uploading them to YouTube or Facebook? Yes, there is. After you have copied the videos on Mac, you can convert iPod videos to DVD for watching in your DVD Player. Let's see how it works.

Step1 Click the “Add” button to add iPod videos into your iPod to DVD Converter.

Step2 Edit your video files as you like.

For example, to crop the video into your favorite display screen size, to adjust brightness or effect and so on.

Step3 Design your DVD menu (optional).

You can choose a template or just design it on your own. Besides adding your personalized DVD menu, you caaan also add text and background music.

Step4 Preview your edited iPod videos.
Preview the effect of your video file which you have edited just now.

Step5 Start burning iPod videos to DVD.

If the preview is no problem, click the "start" button to convert your iPod Videos.

Now you have converted iPod Videos to DVD successfully. and also you can enjoy it in your home DVD player with your family or friends. How nice is it, right?

What is WMV and How to convert wmv files to dvd on mac


Do you have trouble by converting WMV videos to DVD on Mac? The following guide can help you solving the problem. Just few operation steps, you can get your DVD and enjoy your movies!

I. What is WMV ?

WMV, which is Windows Media Video, is a compressed video file format for several proprietary codecs developed by Microsoft. A WMV file is in most circumstances encapsulated in the Advanced Systems Format (ASF) container format. Usage of the term WMV often refers to the codec only. Its main competitors are MPEG-4 AVC, RealVideo, DivX and Xvid. The latest version now is WMV 9 which is claimed to provide a compression ratio that is two times better than MPEG-4, and three times better than MPEG-2.

II. How to Convert WMV Video to DVD on Mac ?

Step 1: Launch the Mac WMV to DVD Converter

click the "ADD" button to add the WMV videos into the program. Of course, different video codec files would not be a problem to add.

Step 2: Crop, Trim and effect WMV Videos

you can edit the WMV videos by cropping, trimming or changing the effects.

Step 3: Preview Edited WMV Videos

you can click the button to preview your edited video files.

Step 4: Add DVD Menu to Video

If the preview is no problem, you now can add your personalized DVD menu to your video files, add the text and background music.

Step 5: Burn WMV Videos to DVD on Mac

You click "Start" button and burn your DVD and enjoy your movie at home with your DVD player or outside with your portable DVD player.