How to Burn and Convert uTorrent Movies to DVD on Mac

| Friday, March 5, 2010

I believe many movie lovers will encounter a same problem that how to backup so many movies, for all the collected movie is our favorite and cannot bear to delet any one of them while the space of our hard drive is so limit that cannot save all of them. I am just one of such a movie lover who had encountered the same problem without exception until I found an easy way to burn all downloaded movies to DVD via a simple tool.

I love movies and often download movies via uTorrent. I would like to share my experience on how to convert uTorrent movies to DVD on Mac with all other people who have the same frustrater as me.

It is really very easy to burn downloaded uTorrent movie to DVD as long as you have choosed a good burning software. I use iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac, so just take it as an example:

First, Download and install the program.
After the installation finished, double click the icon and you may find the interface which asks you to load files to create DVD. Drag the uTorrent files from your hard drive into the program directly.

Second,Burn uTorrent movie to DVD on Mac.
Once you have imported all the uTorrent movies that you want to burn into the program, please inserted a blank DVD disk into your Mac, then with a single click, you can burn a DVD from uTorrent movies on Mac successfully.

This is only my personal method to burned uTorrent movies to DVD, if you are interested and want to learn more, you can visit this professional guide on how to burn uTorrent movie to DVD on Mac.


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